Meet our Pastor...



Tom Hahn was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Walter and Virginia Hahn.


Tom's Father came from a long line of bakers and worked and later owned "The Family Business":  Hahn Baking Company.


Tom's Mother was born and raised on the Great Plains of South Dakota.  Walter and Virginia met shortly after the conclusion of World War II and were married in 1946.


Tom received his education at Mount Olive Lutheran Grade School, Concordia High School and Concordia Junior College, all in Milwaukee; Concordia Senior College, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Christ Seminary - Seminex, St. Louis, Missouri.


He earned is Master of Divinity degree and was ordained into the Holy Ministry in May of 1978.

He later completed requirements for colloquy into the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.


Over the next 35 years, Tom served in the following congregations:  Christ the King Lutheran Church, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; St. John's Lutheran Church, Wembley, Alberta and Immanuel Lutheran Church, Goodfare, Alberta; St. John's Lutheran Church, Pittsville, Wisconsin and St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Town of Sherwood, Wisconsin.


Tom has always had an interest in palliative care and hospice care ministry, seeing the vital importance of sharing the peace and the hope of God to those people and their families, who are facing dying, and death, and loss and grief.


He has also always strongly believed in reaching out to and finding common ground with those, who are members of other denominations.  Rather than focusing on the differences between church bodies, Tom is always focusing on the similarities that all Christians share with one another and, then, working together in as many ways as possible to reach out with God's Love and God's Gospel to all, whom God places in our lives.


Tom married Gretchen Johnson in 2006.  Gretchen and Tom are thoroughly enjoying their blended families.

Gretchen's interests include quilting, cross-stitching, genealogy, cooking and baking, while Tom is restoring his Grandfather's 1949 DeSoto.  Tom is also a die-hard fan of the Packers, Brewers (he skipped school to attend their first-ever game in the old Milwaukee County Stadium.  He got in trouble for it, too), Badgers and Minnesota Twins.  Gretchen, is a long-suffering Cubs fan.


The Hahn's thoroughly enjoy serving with and among the good people of Redeemer Lutheran Church and the community of Amery.